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This Is Our Story

Simply put, we love steak.

We are a group of food lovers who have been working in the culinary industry for decades, actively searching for the world's perfect steak.

Finally, after much tasting and testing, we have found a steak with unmatchable flavor and quality, and it is our pleasure to share with you -- the Best Filet Mignon. Distinctively superior steaks that have been hand-picked, cut fresh and delivered to your door for your enjoyment.

We specialize in USDA Prime and Choice NEVER EVER Angus Filet Mignon. Our hand selected cattle from the northern midwest are on a strict 100% vegetarian diet, no antibiotics or hormones are ever used. This guarantees you receive premium USDA grade quality Filet Mignon with every order.

Experience what has taken us decades to perfect, Best Filet Mignon.

Please check our website often. BestFiletMignon.com will soon offer much more than Filet Mignon, with the same exacting standards.