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Grilling Tips

It really is a challenge for us at BestFiletMignon.com to tell you whether to cook your filet on an indoor/outdoor grill, to broil, to pan sear, or to oven sear your filet mignon. However, following the cooking temperature guide for your desired result will ensure the excellence you seek.

In some cases, it may be difficult for you to determine the actual cooking temperature of your grill, broiler, and pan on the stovetop or in the oven.

Not all of your cooking appliances come equipped with calibrated temperature gauges, and how would you check the actual temperature of your stove top flame (flame height?), indoor electric coil (low, medium, high?), wood or charcoal briquettes (red, orange?) anyway?

A digital meat thermometer can help you assess whether or not the meat is cooked to the level desired, which is what matters, or as we like to say "When Exceptional Matters".

You have paid for a premium cut of meat, so why hide the taste?

The plush, decadent texture of our filet is like no other cut of beef, and as those of you who are lucky enough to have enjoyed a properly prepared filet mignon already know it is no wonder it is referred to as 'the king of steaks'.

What we can and will tell you is that no matter which cooking method you choose to cook our filet mignon, we recommend cooking it to a rare, medium rare, or medium temperature per our cooking guide.

Our experience allows us to recommend that you never cook the filet to the well done stage, as filet mignon clearly has the least amount of fat among the various steak cuts, and cooking it too long dries it out, making the meat tough and tasteless.

When you pull your Filet Mignon off the heat, the juices will be in the center of the meat. Let it relax for a couple of minutes, and those juices will naturally redistribute throughout the meat, by covering the filet with an appropriately sized piece of aluminum foil.

While the internal temperature guide below will assist you in deciding when to remove the filet from the heat, there are still the important questions of when to flip over the filets? How many minutes should I wait to achieve my desired internal temperature? How do I get those restaurant quality grill marks?

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