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Don't take Our Word For It, Take Theirs.

At Best Filet Mignon we take pride in our products and our service. If your steaks do not arrive fresh or they are not the most tender and most flavorful steaks you have ever tasted, Best Filet Mignon will refund your entire purchase. That's how sure we are that you will love each and every steak. After you've grilled the most succulent Filet Mignon you've ever had, let us know! We'll add you to our list of raves!

"The best my wife and I ever had."

We knew it was going to be a good testimonial email when we read the subject line and saw "Best Filet in the world." Here what Dan wrote:

The best my wife and I ever had. Of course the cook had something to do with it.
Your new best customer,
Dan Dole

Dan Dole

"The filets were excellent and you have a new customer."

The filets were excellent and you have a new customer...an excellent product and phenomenal customer attention will win every day!

Joseph Latino


Well...for lack of a better way to articulate it...HOLY AMAZING FILETS!!! I've honestly never had a better, more tender steak!

Michelle Harvey from GroomedByMichelleHarvey.com

"Our trip was FANTASTIC!"

Going on a trip with a bunch of friends and you want to make it perfect? Bring Best Filet Mignon on the trip and, if one of the friends is a professional chef, you might also be saying the following:

Our trip was FANTASTIC! Our friend cooked us the best steak we have ever tasted - just AMAZING! Better than silly-old Ruth's Chris or Fleming's! Thanks for coming through for us. We will be ordering more soon so my wife can experience the wonder. Thanks again.

Gary Little

"Kids, DON'T try this at home!"

A client ordered steaks for a party and froze the extra ones in their original vacuum packaging. Months later, he thawed them out, cooked 'em up, and a guest so enjoyed them that he ordered twelve two days later. What did he have to say after cooking up the fresh ones? Please read:

Best STEAK EVER! Thanks so much for a GREAT STEAK. I just cooked two tonight because I am home with a great bottle of wine and I am in heaven. I have talked to some good friends about how great the STEAKS are and passed along the web address.

While we don't recommend you freeze our steaks and thaw and cook months later, it's nice to know they still make a great impression.

Scott Schrieber

"Can't wait to have them again!!!"

Best Filet Ever...yeah right, or so I thought. I've had most of the top mail order steaks and know the competition is tough. I fired up the Primo...8 minutes cook time...and tasted undoubtedly the best filet mignon ever! Can't wait to have them again!!!

Dr. Daniel Garabadian, Endodontist, Atlanta, GA

"He thought your steaks were wonderful!"

I sent one order to my son who is a chef in SoCal. He's a classically trained French chef. He thought your steaks were wonderful! He said they not only have a great flavor but the great "mouth feel" he likes in beef. He's really picky so your product really scored with him! And he's very concerned about the raising of cattle, their food source and other things added to their diet. So you also scored points with all this too!

Thank you for making his birthday very happy!

Christine Biebrich

"They were extraordinary."

They were extraordinary.

Duane Patterson - Senior Producer - The Hugh Hewitt Show

"I have to admit I was BLOWN AWAY."

I am writing you this letter to let you know how impressed I was with your products.

I recently heard your advertisement and was intrigued. 57-years-old, an avid steak lover, I figured I would give you a try.

I have to admit I was BLOWN AWAY.

I have travelled a bit in my time, and have had the good opportunity to dine at some of the finest steak houses in the country, including L.A., Tampa, Nashville (The Stockyard), Dallas (Richard Nixon used to eat there), and, of course New York (Peter Luger's) to name a few. In addition, I have often ordered steaks from other companies via mail-order.

Your steaks are not only better than any other mail-order company, but I found them to actually be better than many fine restaurants I have been to.

I will, without hesitation, exhuberantly tell my relatives, friends, and clients to order your steaks because they will all forever owe me BIG TIME for turning them on to you!

There are six reasons I would recommend your company:

1) Your steaks are delicious.
2) Your personality, professionalism, and good business sense is without equal.
3) Your steaks are delicious.
4) Instant cred for any fellow guitarist who owns a vintage Les Paul guitar as you hinted.
5) Your steaks are delicious.
6) I know there was a #6, but I cannot remember what it was right now. But, trust me, #6 was a really good one.

Your company is aptly named BESTFILETMIGNON, and deservedly so.

I am sending you this letter to express my sincere thanks. Looking forward to placing a new order with you and speaking with you again in the near future.

Love, Peace, and Pi

Alan Spector

"Filets are a GREAT success"

If your company is looking for a unique gift that will get your clients calling back, please read what one of our clients experienced:

We do a lot of promotions, mostly typical tshirts and hats, but the steaks stand out from all other promotions we've done. Everyone loves them and go out of their way to call us directly and thank us. We have received rave reviews and plan to make your filets a regular part of promotions to our strategic contacts. Thank you for exceeding expectations!

Blace Brink - General Manager - RatPac Dimmers, LLC

"The quality was everything you said it would be...a whole other beast."

My wife and I cooked the filets last night and the quality was everything you said it would be. My bench mark for good steak is the center cut filet at Houston's, they do a great steak with great consistency. The filets I cooked at home with my old grill were better than the steak at Houston's where they have the tools to cook at higher temperatures.

The presentation is very nice; when you open the box you really have the feeling that this is not the meat you would have purchased at Ralphs but a whole other beast.

I will be ordering again.

Craig Brink - Innovative Dimmers

"It was the best steak they ever had."

We were approached by a client that wanted to send individualized gifts to clients for the holidays. We created multiple packages for ten different clients and included a personalized, handwritten note to each one. What did those clients have to say?

"I got several comments from customers that it was the best steak they ever had."

Call us if you need that kind of personal attention. Having a party and need twenty steaks? Want half to be petite and the other half gigantic? We can accommodate just about any request. Personal service is what we do and we are the BEST.

Dan Crow, Pacific Crane Co.

"My wife and I were BLOWN AWAY by them."

Wow. What can I say - but wow. You are right - the steaks are amazing - my wife and I were BLOWN AWAY by them. And I mean, we couldn't believe it. I've had some pretty perfect filets in the past - a Ruth's Chris in Atlanta and a pretty great one at the dearly departed Ben Benson's in New York - but this one surpassed them all - and I didn't screw it up!!! :)

I have to admit, I didn't get to grill them - the 'community grill' in our condo complex was hoppin' with a big party yesterday, so I had to modify the cooking process to searing it on both sides in a cast iron skillet then finishing them off in the oven - let them rest in foil, and they were PERFECT! Added nothing but salt and pepper, though the chef in me felt the need to create a red wine reduction just spooned onto the plate, but the steaks didn't need ANYTHING. Flavorful, incredibly tender - truly THE best filets we have ever had.

Thank you thank you thank you! We were so selfish that we didn't feel like sharing so we only made two, we're freezing the other two and will grill them up very soon.


Larry Morgan, Radio Personality, Los Angeles, CA

"Unanimously Loved!!"

Filets were delicious!! Unanimously loved!!

Michael Spiller, Executive Producer / Director, The Mindy Project

"Thank you for an excellent product."

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the steaks. I don't believe I've had any that flavorful in a number of years - and the only seasoning I used was salt & pepper! Thank you for an excellent product.

Ruby Newberry

"It feels so good to give a gift that is truly enjoyed."

Here at last is the note from the person I gave four filets to as a gift. I wish to add my thanks as well because it feels so good to give a gift that is truly enjoyed.

Violet Bettencourt

"The whole experience was top notch!"

Thank you so much for the amazing steaks! The quality of the meat is amazing! The only thing that could have made it better was if a culinary expert had prepared them! What an awesome product and service you have. So fresh and flavorful. Typically I am a big marinade cooker, but I took your video tips and only used pepper and a little salt to truly experience the quality of the meat. Truly outstanding!

From the delivery, to the packaging, to the freshness of the unfrozen magnificent cuts of meat the whole experience was top notch!

Joseph Boyd, Results Coaching Strategist, Robbins Research International

"Best steak EVER!"

How does an eleven year old break the news to his Father that Best Filet Mignon blows away anything he's tasted in the past?

"Best steak ever...no offense Dad."

Jake S., Age 11

"Our palates were in HEAVEN!"

My grill master hubby cooked up an assortment of these impressive Filets to medium rare perfection and our palates were in HEAVEN! These Prime steaks were top notch, full of flavor and melted in your mouth. And my ex-butcher Dad totally agreed - he thought they were delicious and top notch!

Romy Schorr of RomyRaves.com

"GOOD JOB!!!!"

We have now enjoyed the last 2 Filet Mignon Steak and they were excellent!!
The shipment arrived on time and in perfect condition!
The packaging was effective and attractive!
The quality of the steaks was excellent!
The video was helpful!
The flavor and texture unsurpassed!

Janet McDonald, Oakley, California

"Best Filet Mignon genuinely says it all!"

Best Filet Mignon genuinely says it all! The quality of the meat is unsurpassable; the texture and flavor are superb. I would very comfortably say that Best Filet Mignon is the Dom Perignon and Beluga of filet - combined!

Albina Oks, Director of Marketing & Communications, Intrepid Investment Bankers

"Such exceptional taste and texture"

I cooked up the steaks and they were amazing - such exceptional taste and texture.

Sarah Thomas

"Out of control!"

Steaks were out of control! You were right. Love the box they came in and the image of the grill underneath.

Bryan Lloyd, Naked Wines.com VP Business Development

"Your product lives up to your name!"

Everything you have been saying is true. We had a fantastic meal out of our first filet. I was somewhat anxious about preparing it, as I have never had such a beautiful piece of tenderloin this large. But my guesstimates on cooking times worked out pretty much perfectly to produce a medium-rare (on the rare side) finished product. Tender, juicy and flavorful without a speck of waste. It was the first of many truly fine dining experiences we will be having in the future.

Your product lives up to your name!

James Malcheski, Retired


I just wanted to let you know the steaks were delicious!!

Sue Ellison, Centerville, Texas

"They were DELICIOUS."

They were DELICIOUS.
When you say "fresh" you actually mean it.

Willa Allen

"Best steaks ever!"

What a night!! We just had the best filet mignon steaks ever. We ordered them from your website and they were everything you said they would be and even more. We had them on the grill and they came out perfect. I never knew a piece of meat could be so tender and juicy - even better than any steakhouse that I have visited. They were worth every penny. Best Filet Mignon - Keep Up the Good Work. I hope everyone will have a chance to try these great steaks.

Don & Judy, West Palm Beach, FL

"The best we have ever cooked"

These are hands down the “Best” Filets we have ever cooked, and possibly the best we have eaten. We have ordered from many other mail order steak companies and they are not even in the same league. The best part is, we have become famous with our Family for serving the Best Filet Mignons ever!!!

Alyse & Dan Yourist

"You are what steak is all about!"

Good morning, just wanted to tell you that if anyone orders meats from anyone other than you, they are crazy. You are what steak is all about! Thanks very much from a satisfied customer. You have provided stellar customer service. Besides the quality products offered by your company, it is quality customer service that will keep customers loyal. Thank you again.

Steven P., Tarzana, CA

"People will love them"

My father owned a wholesale meat company so I grew up learning about the meat business and appreciating a high-quality steak. Best Filet Mignon's steaks are tender and tasty, so whether you’re serving them at restaurants or grilling them in your backyard, people will love them!

Larry Krutchik