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USDA Choice Angus Filet Mignon Steaks

U.S.D.A Choice

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The USDA's second-highest quality designation is Choice and is assigned to beef that is not as abundant in marbling as USDA Prime. Our USDA Choice Angus beef has NEVER EVER been given antibiotics and hormones, and is fed a strict 100% vegetarian diet. Marbling in the meat will add the majority of the flavor and our aging of the meat will also contribute to its tenderness. Choice is a high quality grade of beef particularly as ours is a cut that is derived strictly from the center of the tenderloin. Generally, USDA Choice has less marbling and is still a flavorful and tender steak with a slightly more coarse texture than Prime.

Still a first class quality cut, the NEVER EVER Beef cattle are hand selected only from Midwestern small farms that are committed to raising only the finest beef. Our cattle are born and raised in the Northern Midwest (North & South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin), the home of the highest quality Angus cattle.

  • Our USDA Choice Angus Beef has NEVER EVER been given Antibiotics or Hormones, and is fed a strict 100% Vegetarian Diet.
  • Quality: 95% of our cattle grade in the upper two thirds or better on the USDA marbling scale and are all "A" maturity animals.
  • Grading: Our harvest is averaging 40-50% USDA Prime and the rest is USDA Choice.
  • USDA Choice Angus Filet is high quality and will provide one of the most succulent filets you can buy.
  • Your filets are aged a minimum of 14 days, cut to order and shipped fresh, never frozen, overnight via FedEx to your door.