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Special Offer for Friends of Castello di Amorosa!

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You've arrived at this page because, like us, you're a fan and friend of Castello di Amorosa wines and saw the offer for the 2012 Il Barone Cabernet Sauvignon with two wine glasses featuring the winery's logo. We hope you watched the video pairing that particular wine with a wonderful recipe created by our executive chef. If you have not watched the video and wish to, please copy the following link and paste it in your browser:


We think you'll agree that our Filets and that Cab make a wonderful dining experience. We've partnered with Castello di Amorosa to offer their fans our package of six 6 oz USDA Prime Filet Mignon Steaks for $141.95. Please keep in mind, we'll ship at that price via FedEx Standard Overnight the day after your order, FRESH never frozen.

If you'd like to learn a little more about us, please read on.

Our USDA Prime Angus Filet Mignon is the ultimate in tenderness and most flavorful filet we offer. Our USDA Prime Angus Beef has NEVER EVER been given antibiotics or hormones and is fed a strict 100% vegetarian diet. Only 2% of all American beef is graded with the prestigious designation of Prime. NEVER EVER beef cattle are hand selected only from Midwestern small farms that are committed to raising only the finest beef. Our cattle are born and raised in the Northern Midwest (North & South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin), the home of the highest quality Angus cattle.

  • Our USDA Prime Angus Beef has NEVER EVER been given Antibiotics or Hormones, and is fed a strict 100% Vegetarian Diet.
  • Quality: 95% of our cattle grade in the upper two thirds or better on the USDA marbling scale and are all "A" maturity animals.
  • Grading: Our harvest is averaging 40-50% USDA Prime and the rest is USDA Choice.
  • Your filets are aged a minimum of 14 days, cut to order and shipped fresh, never frozen, overnight via FedEx to your door.
  • Remember that if the beef you're buying is not explicitly labeled USDA Prime, it probably isn't.
  • Don't forget: the price you see in the box above already INCLUDES FedEx! No surprises at checkout with Best Filet Mignon.
  • We offer custom packages combining different steaks and different sizes based on your needs - just call and tell us what you'd like!
  • There is no better gift than our  elegantly packaged steaks. If you need multiple packages, we can help design and price them to fit your client and family gift giving needs.